Domestic Protection

Barricade Fire Blocking Gel provides a unique thermal protective coating that has been proven to protect buildings  from burning. It is extremely effective in protecting buildings, vehicles, trees, brush and glass from radiant heat, direct flames, flying brands and burning embers.

In its first real life test on 2nd July 1998 Barricade was applied to a number of severely threatened homes at Palm Coast Florida, USA.  Amazingly, every one of the Barricade treated homes stood completely undamaged after the firestorm passed.

Barricade gives the homeowner the ability to protect their homes well in advance of a mandatory evacuation due to wild land interface fires. Barricade Fire Blocking Gel has been successful in saving property during the most severe firestorm conditions in the USA, including the 2003 Californian fires and has been lauded by fire-fighters, homeowners and government officials for saving millions of dollars worth of property.Keep BARRICADE on hand to protect your home and your family’s valuables.

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