Professional Firefighting

The use of Barricade changes the way firefighters will provide exposure protection in the future. Firefighters have traditionally dedicated large amounts of time, water, hoses, equipment, and manpower strictly to protect exposed buildings threatened by a nearby fire.  The necessity to pump a continuous stream of water upon exposures to prevent them from igniting often prevented the firefighter from directing available resources to attack the nearby fire, resulting in unfortunate property losses.

Now, the firefighter can quickly apply a long-lasting Barricade gel coating to exposed combustibles, protecting them from a nearby fire.  Then the firefighter can immediately turn fire combat resources inward to directly attack the seat of the fire and to limit fire losses.

Tests show that Barricade, when properly applied, provides a high level of protection from radiant heat, flying embers, and direct flame impingement.  In situations where firefighting organizations confront exposure protection problems, Barricade can be used to protect structures, compressed gas cylinders, railroad tank cars, motor vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, trees, brush, shrubs, plants, and even glass windows.

Consider the protection that Barricade can provide for rescuers where trying to extricate a person or persons from entrapment when there is an imminent risk of fire.

In the case of a rural/urban interface fire, threatened buildings and nearby trees and shrubs can be effectively pretreated with the Barricade fire-blocking gel well in advance of an approaching fire. Barricade adhesion characteristics will provide a long-lasting thermal protective gel coating to exposures to protect them against fire, even in high wind and dry conditions.

The health and safety of firefighters is enhanced by the use of Barricade Gel in many situations.  When water is applied to a wall, about 90% of it falls to the ground and is wasted.  Using Barricade Gel, about 90% of the water is retained on the wall and this is what provides the protective thermal shield.  Once the gel solution is applied it is not necessary for the fire fighters to remain at the location in close proximity to the approaching fire.

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