Barricade Fire Blocking Gel

Barricade Fire Blocking Gel gives firefighters the edge. No longer are we at the mercy of the elements where critical water resources could be the deciding factor on the toll of a rampant fire. Now, water has a new partner that stops fire dead in it’s tracks.

Barricade Fire Blocking Gel has been developed by firefighting professionals who saw the enormous advantage in combining water (fire’s traditional adversary) with a bio-friendly product that, when mixed with water, creates a gel that stops fire.

Firefighters who use barricade proudly declare “…if it’s not burning when we arrive, it’s not going to burn…without barricade, you’re just playing with fire !”. Homeowners, who have saved their homes by applying Barricade with a garden hose enthusiastically praise it’s effectiveness and ease of application. Where fire is concerned, Barricade is the simple and effective solution. When your world is at risk, this is exactly what you need !

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