Domestic Protection Products

Home Fire Defence System

The simplest form of application of the Barricade II product is the Home Fire Defence System which is intended for use by homeowners and businesses.

This inexpensive, user-friendly home eductor kit operates on normal household water systems and garden hoses.

The Home Fire Defence System now enables homeowners and businesses to apply long-lasting Barricade II gel coating to their structures and nearby trees, shrubs, plants, and grass to construct a safety zone in response to an approaching fire before a fire-fighter arrives upon the scene. The ability of homeowners and businesses to protect their property at a time when fire department resources may be stretched to the limit will greatly reduce property losses from fire.

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Gel Packs

The standard packaging for Barricade II gel is in 3.8 litre containers that are ideal for the homeowner or industrial user as the containers connect directly to the Home Fire Defence System and Quick Attack System nozzles.

19 litre drums are available as are larger bulk containers.

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Other Application Systems

Other application systems available include pressurized “Pump Pak” back pack systems which contain 19 litres of Barricade II concentrate and a system to pressurize the concentrate to ensure correct proportioning in low water pressure situations.    In most cases, standard Fire Service Equipment can also be used.

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