Rural Protection

The use of Barricade will dramatically enhance the tactics and strategies employed in rural firefighting.  Because Barricade fire-blocking gel can be safely applied to trees, brush, shrubs, plants, and grass, rural firefighters will be able to use Barricade fire-blocking gel to create wide artificial fire breaks.  Firefighters will no longer need to destroy trees or otherwise damage the environment to create a fire break with the use of tractors or other heavy equipment.  Barricade can produce a much larger fire break more quickly and more thoroughly than any destructive heavy equipment.  Firefighters will be able to apply Barricade via aircraft or land-based vehicles to create fire breaks and extinguish fires in brush fire situations.

If you are on the land can you really afford to not have a supply of Barricade available at all times?  Your slip-on unit (tank and pump) can be as effective as the fanciest of fire engines when you have the gel immediately available on your property.  You can protect your fence lines, stock, farm sheds and even the hay or silage stored out in the paddocks.  This is quite achievable for one or two people because the gel can be applied some hours prior to the fire impacting upon the property.

All too often rural properties in remote locations experience structural fires in the homestead, hay shed or machinery shed.  It takes time for brigade assistance to arrive and it can be extremely difficult to get to the seat of the fire.  Barricade fire gel can effectively inhibit the spread of fire until help can arrive.

In situations such as fast-moving fires in concealed places, such as common lofts or attics, Barricade fire-blocking gel can be used to coat the unburned area ahead of the fire to create a fire break and to allow the firefighters to control these difficult circumstances.  As a result, firefighters will be better equipped to handle fires in large, well-involved buildings.

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