Rural Protection Products

Atak Pak System

The Barricade II Atak Pak uses a soft canvas backpack and a specially engineered eductor/nozzle assembly to provide today’s fire fighters with an exciting new tool for fire suppression and exposure protection.  The Atak Pak is an end of the line application system that allows for flexibility, mobility and rapid deployment.


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The Barricade II Atak Pak easily adapts to any size fire hose and it can carry up to 19 litres of Barricade II concentrate.  The Atak Pak gives the firefighter the option of spraying Barricade II Gel or using plain water.



Other Application Systems

Other application systems available include pressurized “Pump Pak” back pack systems which contain 19 litres of Barricade II concentrate and a system to pressurize the concentrate to ensure correct proportioning in low water pressure situations. In most cases, standard Fire Service Equipment can also be used.

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